Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Oneness of God

the only ONE..

The oneness of the Divine Being requires that all submission must be to Him. There’s nothing in people’s mind or in their lives which is not subject to God’s authority. The oneness of God means that there is only One Being who has the right to set values & standards for people to require them to submit to Him, obey Him, and implement the legislation He has enacted for them in all the affairs of their lives.

There is only one faith, namely, pure submission to God alone, which is acceptable to Him. When we said that the only true faith acceptable to God is self-surrender to Him, we mean true Islam. This is not merely a claim to be stated, a flag to be raised or a detached academic concept to be discussed which does not stir hearts or minds, or even a set of acts of worship such as Prayer, fasting & pilgrimage. This is not the sort of Islam which God describes as the only faith acceptable to Him.

True Islam means complete obedience, total submission to God & the implementation of His revelations in human life, as stated in the Quran. Islam also means the oneness of the Divine Being who is the Eternal Master of all. People of earlier revelations used to confuse the person of God & the person of Jesus Christ.

They also confused God’s will & that of Christ’s. They disagreed among themselves so violently that they fought & killed one another on numerous occasions. God, therefore, makes the reasons for these disputes clear for both the people of earlier revelations & for the Muslim community. Their disputes did not arise out of ignorance of the truth. They had been given certain knowledge of God’s oneness & the fact that He is the only Lord in the universe.

They were also given the knowledge they needed about human nature & true submission to God. They simply disagreed ‘through mutual aggression’ when they abandoned the course of justice embodied in the faith & the law of God revealed to them.

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