Saturday, December 4, 2010

Brand New You

Makeover your inner self and change your life!

When you close your eyes and picture your dream life, what do you see? You, writing the next bestseller? You, winning an Academy Award, even though you are terrified of public speaking? No matter how outrageous your visions may seem, you can become that person! To achieve big dreams, you have to accomplish smaller goals first. It's just like warming up for the big game. Okay, are you ready? Let the mental makeover begin!


Achieving a goal teaches you self-mastery. By getting yourself from point A (setting the goal) to point B (achieving the goal), you learn that you really can shape your destiny! Just make sure you have direct control over your dream and it's not something based another people's decision. For example, you are in charge of being outgoing, but you are not in charge of winning Most Popular. Goals that you control put you in command of your life. Now, that's power!

Embrace change

First thing first, move out of your comfort zone. There are things you know are doable, but you don't feel like giving it a shot because they don't fit your self image. Perhaps, like talking to someone outside of your clique or reading a book that's a little more challenging. The second ring outside your comfort zone includes things that fear stops you from doing, for instance dining alone. When you tackle your fears and take these risks by the horn, you can actually feel your confidence building. This is when you move on to the Die Zone. Justing makes youbb thinking about certain things rings makes you go, "There is no way I could do that!". But if someone asked, "What would your life be like if you could?" you'd say, "Incredible!" We don't mean putting yourself in physical danger, we're taliking, say, travelling to London solo. "Die" isn't literal. it refers to death of that outdated view of yourself!


Create a customized calendar  so you can track your transformation. Here's how to do it.

1. Buy a gorgeous calendar or make your own. Also, buy a bunch of small star stickers.

2. Give each month a different theme. For example June is "doable deeds", July is "risk" and August is "die". Write the themes on the calendar.

3. Write down your ultimate goal on top of each page in huge letters. Seeing it all the time will help you focus!

4. Write motivational quotes on the calendar wherever you want or use the lyrics to your favourite inspirational song.

5. Grab a pencil and start writing down more doable deeds, risks and dies to add to your original list. Keep going until you've listed about 30 doables, 10 risks and 4 dies.

6. On the first day of a selected month, take action! Do whatever doable, risk or die that is written on that dayor week. Stick a star on the box if you do that day's doable, risk or die. By the end of the three months, your star filled calendar will show that you are strong, confident and able to live the life of your dreams.


Celebrate each accomplishment along the way with verbal pats on the back ("Way to go, self!") and by buying yourself goodies. Remember to:

Protect your dream

Don't tell anyone that you are trying to transform yourself until you are in makeover full swing. Is there a person whose approval you crave? You better not tell her your plan. If she reacts negatively or laughs, it might make you feel like giving up. Don't let that happen!

Focus on your goal

Don't be distracted by the immediate result of your effort. Let's say your risk involved something you never do, instead of thinking, "idiot!", give yourself a pep talk: "Did you take this risk before? No. Did you do it today? Yes. So congrats, brave girl!"

Keep going

Whenever you hit an obstacle, look at it this way: Yeah, it would be easy to just give up and leave your life as it is. But you already know that version of yourself, right? By doing and risking, you'll learn the skills you need to make your dreams come true for the rest of your life!


Give yourself an edge by infusing your life with positivity! Try:

Supportive self talk

Your thoughts shape how you see yourself, so give yourself some positive programming. Whenever you catch yourself saying or thinking a defeatist phrase like "I can't" replace it with an affirmation like "I can do it!". It will definitely change how you see yourself.

A new online i.d.

Your email address is the first impression some people have of you, so if "bravegirl" is your online name, be sure that's how you want everyone to know you. If not, change it.

Shiny happy people

Since you'll be focusing on yourself a lot, certain people may try to bring you down by saying things like "You look like you're trying too hard". Ignore them and hang with people who say things like "It's cool that you're trying new things!"

by Rose Yasmin Karim,
EDUsmith, May-June 2006, page 28 &29

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